Raffles Girl Secondary School in Singapore

Raffles Girls School is an exemplary girls’ school in Singapore. The school is privately owned and is one of the oldest secondary schools in the country having been established in 1879. It enrolls over 1800 female students and uses a motto of “Daughters of a better age.” Raffles Girl Secondary School is undoubtedly among the top secondary schools in Singapore, due to both co-curricular and educational excellence. The school provides its students with a Raffles program of a six-year period. The program cumulates Orchard Boulevard Residences Condo in the advanced level Singapore GCE (General Certificate in Education) examination. Located at 20 Anderson Road, Singapore 259978, the school has been awarded multiple awards including the School Excellence Award. An award for the recognition of exemplary school practices and processes.

Raffles Girls Brief History

Raffle Girls School was once a part of the Raffles Institution. The Girls department was launched in 1844 with 11 students. The school expanded as the demand for education grew. In 1855 Governor E.A Blundell described the school as a school for the religious and educational training of the poor protestants children. From 1882 there was an admission of English speaking boys to lower and primary classes, but it was discontinued in 1927 due to higher demand for girl’s education. In 1903 the school became a government school and moved to Queen street in 1928 before being vacated due to the Japanese occupation of world war II. The school currently has 1800 students and staff. It is expected to move to Bradell road by the end of 2019.

Raffles Girl Secondary School Academic Information

The school’s International convention for youth leaders (RGS-ICYL) is known for being a prestigious event that gathers female students from institutions all over the world. Prominent guest speakers from important sectors are invited to provide a wide array of perspectives. The convention also facilitates Intercultural exchange.

Leadership Roles

With a total of 4 leadership boards, RGS is one of the few schools in Singapore with a student congress. Student leader wears a badge for identification and a different uniform.

Co-curricular Activities

Participation of students in co-curricular activities at RGS is compulsory. 42 co-curricular activities were offered at RGS by the year 2017. They range from performing arts, sports, clubs, and societies.

School Identity and Culture

School Uniform

RGS Semi-formal uniform worn with a school tie

Formal attire

A belted school uniform which is belted, white colored blouse and blue pinafore. Sleeves are folded customarily.

House System

RGS has student houses that are named after former principals. they all have different clothing and participate in competitions every year.

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