The Hyde Site Plan

A whole range of amenities is available at The Hyde. Please see the below site plan. Various facilities including a swimming pool, indoor gym, tennis court, children playground and BBQ area awaits you. A truly luxurious resort lifestyle for you and your family at 11 Balmoral Road.

The Hyde Site Plan

The hyde is a freehold or development that is located in Woh Hup in the heart of the Balmoral road. Interestingly, this development is situated right in the middle of so many amenities. It is located near the Newton and the Stevens MRT stations interchange. The hyde is located in a prestigious area for the elite and affluent. Coupled with many amenities and facilities located in The Hyde site plan, there is bound to have many activities with your family right at home.

The Hyde Amenities and Site Plan as well as Location Near to Orchard

Besides many amenities located in The Hyde Condo site plan, the development is near to Orchard. It is currently the number one shop for all fashion, enthusiasts’. Also, it is home to those seeking to buy other household and personal items. Orchard is actually a world-class shop where people from all parts of the world come to purchase various items. Close to the Orchard road is a plethora of restaurants, ensuring that you and your family lack nothing.  The hyde condo located near to Orchard has been specially developed for your comfort and entertainment.

The development overlooks the luxurious Balmoral Road and Stevens Road. Please kindly look at the location and The Hyde Site Plan. An exclusive and serene living environment awaits you at The Hyde. Please see The Hyde floor plans and project details for more information.

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