The Hyde Project Information

Project NameThe Hyde
Address of Development11 Balmoral Road Singapore 259796
Project DeveloperWoh Hup Group
TenureEstate in Fee Simple (Freehold)
Site AreaTo Be Advised
Gross Floor AreaTo Be Advised
No of BlocksTo Be Advised
No of StoreysTo Be Advised
No of UnitsApproximately 100 Units
TOPTo Be Advised

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    Location of The Hyde

    If you are looking for a new condo for sale in the Marina South area, you may be interested in Marina Gardens Lane GLS site condo. There are several reasons to choose this development, including its location. Let’s take a closer look at this development’s price and availability. You’ll also discover more about the location.

    Marina Gardens Lane is one of the most sought-after locations in the 2H 2022 Confirmed List due to the first-mover advantage it offers developers. The location is near the new Marina South MRT station and adjacent to Gardens by the Bay. Moreover, the site is near a future commercial district that will be linked to the new Marina South MRT station. In addition, the area is home to a wide range of developments, including HDB-developed BTO projects and one executive condominium project.

    The government is preparing to launch the first phase of the Marina Gardens Lane GLS site for sale. This project is expected to yield 795 residences and 750 sq m of commercial space, and is expected to kick-start the development of the Marina South neighbourhood. Because of its location in the city core, the development will likely boast breathtaking views of the city skyline and the Gardens by the Bay.

    The Hyde Freehold Development at 11 Balmoral Road by Woh Hup

    The Hyde is a new freehold development located right in the heart of Balmoral Road by Woh Hup. The development is located in the city area that is close to many amenities and is located near to Stevens MRT Station Interchange as well as Newton MRT Station Interchange. The Hyde Condo location offers a prestigious address in District 10 that is for the affluent and the elite. A cosmopolitan lifestyle awaits you at The Hyde. Please also see core city centre condo Kopar at Newton at Kampong Java Road by CELH Development.

    The Hyde by Woh Hup

    The Hyde has full and unique facilities, which includes a guard house, clubhouse, function room, indoor gym, tennis court, 50m swimming pool, sun deck, BBQ pits & children’s playground. The Hyde Condo is by the developer Woh Hup Group and has many amenities at the development and  facilities provide full family entertainment needs for your family and loved ones. Indulge in a serene and tranquil lifestyle right in the heart of the City. Please also see new development Parc Canberra EC by Hoi Hup Realty. Parc Canberra is a new development that is located right at the heart of Sembawang. It is one of the ECs that is located near to Canberra MRT Station.

    The Hyde Freehold Land Real Estate

    The Hyde sites on a prime piece of freehold land which represents a timely investment for Woh Hup Group who is looking to replenish its land banks. Recently, the upscale real estate market as resulted in a shortage of prime real estate developments in the city area and The Hyde sits on the popular Newton and Steven Road that is just a short drive away from the city area as well as Orchard Shopping District.

    11 Balmoral Road Enbloc

    The Hyde previously was the 11 Balmoral Road that consist of 17 units of prime freehold residential condo development. The development was put up in the market for sale by JLL and is expected to receive good bids from the developers due to the lack of freehold land available for sale. The Hyde subsequently receive many bids from various developer due to its location at the core city centre and the land was awarded to Woh Hup Group

    Shopping Centres and Core City Centre Near to The Hyde

    Covering a distance of 2.2 kilometers, Orchard road located in the central area of Singapore is a major tourist attraction and shopping belt which is near to The Hyde Condo. It is the most famous shopping street in Asia as it is a major stop to fashion, specialist stores, and so many other lifestyle-related choices. Orchard Road is literary a shopping paradise where people from all over the globe fly in to shop.

    Orchard Road Shopping Mall Close to The Hyde

    Orchard Road’s many shopping mall showcase a plethora of restaurants where a visitor can savour a lush and exclusive meal, cafes which support Singapore’s thriving cafe culture and are the perfect place to take well deserved break and just relish a well-made coffee of your liking that is guaranteed to perk you up or an ice cold beer., entertainment spots where there is always activities go on, never a dull moment and on the relaxation side the spas are a must after a long day sifting through the vast number of shops and novelty stores.

    The Hyde Condo at Orchard Road

    Orchard Road also offers several important characteristics many of the malls house clinics which specialize in arrange of health practices from cosmetic surgery to traditional Chinese medicine. Let’s no forget the technology areas of Orchard Road. In the high tech malls a most impressive array of state-of-the-art technology can be easily spotted everything to please geeks to presents for the kids at home.

    The transformation of Orchard Road to the largest shopping road in Asia is fascinating. More than twenty decades ago, this road was a small local lane that was lined with simple pepper farms, nutmeg plantations, and fruit orchards. However, due to urbanization, people started moving into this region, specifically this road. Within a short time, outdoor hawker shops, cemeteries, temples, wet markets and open-air laundry basins replaced the plantations.

    The Hyde District 10 Core City Centre

    Orchard Road started from a humble beginnings and it is located at the core central of District 10. District 10 is near to Orchard and it is the most famous shopping centers in the world. It offers every lifestyle need that you can think, making it a shopping paradise. District 10 is currently one of the hyped places in Singapore at the moment. Its demand over the years has skyrocketed due to its reputation for being a popular, classy, private estate. Many of the real estates’ players such as homeowners, tenants, and other investors are keen on getting into the area.

    The Hyde Condo Real Estate Developer Woh Hup

    The Woh Hup Group is one of the leading construction and civil engineering specialists at the absolute forefront of Singapore’s most Iconic projects and developments that started out as a one man business in Malaysia. The company has since grown into a premier real estate developer in Singapore. This prestigious and talented group has over 91 years experience in the industry with 2500 associated talents working with them from the construction and civil engineering sector. The Woh Hup group can also boast 411 great awards, which is pretty impressive. These awards have been won in their pursuit of excellence, and In 2017 the group was the first business in the construction and engineering sector to win the award for their commitment to quality and performance. The latest project will be The Hyde Balmoral Road which is located near to Stevens MRT Station and Newton MRT Station. Balmoral Road is known to be a area of upscale development where there are many freehold and highly sought after developments.

    Woh Hup Real Estate Business from Malaysia

    The group was established in 1927 and was a humble business started by just one man in Malaysia. The Woh Hup group is currently the largest privately owned civil engineering and construction specialist in Singapore. It can be seen from the Woh Hup Group’s past and present projects that their commitment to excellence within the civil engineering and construction sector really is second to none. They build iconic but truly beautiful buildings filled with innovative and iconic features. Their continued commitment to the community and their work force which show in their numerous awards, really does prove that this business is, and will continue to be, at forefront of Singapore’s civil engineering and construction sector.

    Woh Hup Projects in Singapore

    Here are some of the prestigious projects the Woh Hup group have worked on include The Interlace whichh is a residential complex and offers a completely new and radical approach to tropical living. This landmark project of 1,004 apartments was designed by world renowned architect Ole Scheeren. Another project will be Jewel Changi Airport and will be set over approx 1.4 million square feet and will feature a glorious 40 meter indoor waterfall and a large and totally lush indoor garden. This project looks like it will be totally beautiful and inspiring.

    The Hyde 11 Balmoral Road

    The Hyde Condo is also strategically located at 11 Balmoral Road with many shopping centres located around in the vicinity. For example, the popular Ion Orchard and Wheelock Place are located near to The Hyde. The Hyde Freehold Condo is also located near to Singapore Botanical Gardens where plenty of outdoor families are available for residents to spend some quality time with their family. It is just a few minutes drive from 11 Balmoral Road.

    The Hyde Newton MRT Station and Amenities

    The Hyde will be accessible with the upcoming Stevens MRT Station as well as Newton MRT Station. Also, for owners who are taking buses, there are several buses available along Stevens Road and Balmoral Road. For owners who are traveling to the city, The Hyde is located right next to Central Expressway(CTE). Dairy Farm Residences UED Residential is a new development at Hillview MRT Station. UED Residential will be for sale soon right at the heart of the city. Dairy Farm Residences will be for sale soon at Dairy Farm Road.

    Newton Food Centre Near to The Hyde Condo

    Singapore famous Newton Food Centre food center has been popular for many undisputed years and it has retained its popularity with local and international visitors who pay visits to the country periodically during the year especially summer and holiday periods. What makes Singapore recommended and preferred food is because of surrounded by many quality hotels and lodging where tourist spend their time happily, being provided with quality and delicious foods and drinks, among them is famous Newton. Residents of The Hyde Condo at Balmoral Road is easily accessible to Newton Food Centre with Balmoral Road then Bukit Timah Road.

    Newton Food Centre Easily Accessible by Public Transport

    Those who have or are frequent visitors to this place have been giving a good recommendation about their foods and services during their stay. Here you enjoy fried rice, the atmosphere is conducive to stay and visit regularly on and after summer. Apart from delicious rice, there are varieties of specially prepared food for both locals and tourist who love a frequent visit to this great hotel in Singapore.

    Many people like Newton Food Centre because the place is easily accessible by public transport as well as personal vehicle and on the Newton marketing stop which is located at a strategic place for easy allocation to both Singapore native and foreigners. Visiting this place will be an exhilarating and outstanding experience because hotel consists of an open air with good bliss as well as cool air and surrounding is pampered with beautifully designed structures for visitors to take photos and videos shooting places. It is also a short walk away from the freehold condos along Balmoral Road which The Hyde condo is located.

    Schools Near to The Hyde Condo

    The Hyde is also near elite schools such as Raffles Girl Secondary School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and Saint Joseph Institution. The Hyde freehold condo is near to a mature estate with many schools and academic institutions located near to the development. Real Estate projects that are near to schools typically can receive good reviews from potential buyers as lesser time is spend commuting to school be it the student themselves or from the parents who need to drive their children to school.

    Raffles Girls School is a independent girl’s school that is one of the top academic institutions in Singapore. It is one of the secondary schools that offer the 6 years Raffles  Programme that takes the students straight to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level Examination. It is one of the highly sought after schools in Singapore.

    Shopping Centres Near to The Hyde Condo

    The Hyde Condo is located near to many shopping centres as it is located near to the Newton and Orchard area. The shopping centres bring convenience to the residents of the development and this is an added bonus to the core city centre condo location. Some of the iconic shopping centres located near to The Hyde condo are The Shaw House and Tangs Shopping Mall.

    The Shaw House at Orchard Road

    This is the most popular shopping outlet found in Singapore. Besides that, the house also serves as the home to the 10-story Lido Cineplex. The building was the opened officially in the year 1958. The owner of the Shaw house made a decision to renovate the old building housing the house. This was then in the year 1990 after which they constructed another 21-story block which took 3 years to be fully completed.

    In addition to that, the Shaw house also comprises of the cinema house known as the Lido Cineplex. This cinema hall has a total of eight screens contained in level five and six. While the building was completed in the year 1993, it began with 5 cinema halls only.

    By the year 1997, the halls were expanded to 8 due to the high demand for cinema. Lido 1 serves as the main hall in the Shaw house. It is has a carrying capacity of more than 900 seats. The hall was however renovated in the year 2004. The reason was that the hall became the first one to be certified with DTS, Dolby SR among other THXs. The hall is unique in the sense that it has a projection capable of interlocking a single print to serve other halls.

    The Hyde Condo Close to Supermarkets and Cold Storage

    The Hyde Condo is also located near to many supermarkets and shopping centres. It has been proven that being located near to supermarket and convenience store brings in added convenience to the residents. There is no need to travel far to get your groceries and hence condos near to grocery stores tend to be more popular in demand. The freehold status also adds to being one of the reasons to purchase a unit at The Hyde.

    The Hyde Near to Upscale Country Clubs in Balmoral Road

    The Hyde Condo is also located in the upscale Orchard area which is a cosmopolitan place whereby it connects very affluent individuals in the mid to upper class. The Hyde Balmoral Road is located near to many affluent and upscale clubs including Tanglin Club and The American Club where it provides facilities for social gathering to take place. For example, you can hold your monthly gatherings as well as arrange a golf session for colleagues that you would like to network with to jumpstart your career. After the gathering, a host at your place in The Hyde Condo would be perfect.

    The Tangs Shopping Centre

    The Tangs is located in the Tang Plaza near the orchard road in Singapore. It has a total of six stores with the popular ones being the Melaka, TANGS VivoCity and TANGS Genting. It is the leading store dealing in all household goods ranging from clothes to beauty products among others.

    It offers a world-class shopping Centre serving not only the people of Singapore but the whole world in general. It entails well-crafted concepts of various brands ranging from Fashion items, Beauty, foods, and drinks etc. They are able to blend into various tastes serving both the local and international market.

    Financial Assessment for Buying New Launches

    Buying a core city centre condos can be daunting and financially straining for individuals when accessing their needs for different sizes and prices for the property. During the showflat viewing, there will be bankers at the showflat to access the client’s financial situation to check how much loan can a buyer qualify for The Hyde Condo. The bankers will access based on the buyer’s financial income as well as any liabilities if they have before granting the In Principal Approval (IPA) for the loan. A banker stationed at the showflat will therefore be readily available to access any queries that you have. The bankers will be able to check on the CPF usage in purchasing The Hyde and restrictions such as the CPF Minimum Sum as well as the CPF Withdrawal limited. Also, with the implementation of the TDSR, the bankers can be there to check on the In Principal Approval for the property loan.

    The Hyde Condo 2nd Property Investments Stamp Duty

    Recently, there is an increase in the stamp duty for buyers who are looking for the 2nd property. The stamp duty has increased from the existing 7% to 12% and this presents an hefty increase for buyers who are looking for an investment property. Coupled with the additional downpayment that has increased from 20% to 25%, this would mean that the capital outlay for a buyer looking for a investment property has increased by a total of 10%. Therefore, buyers are now selective in choosing a condo and a well positioned freehold development is a ideal choice as freehold condos protect their values better. The recent enbloc activities have also noted that freehold properties tend to earn more when they are successfully collectively sold as developer value freehold land more than leasehold land.

    The Hyde Showflat and Different layouts Available

    The Hyde Condo Showflat will be available for viewing soon. The showflat will have many different layouts for your consideration. There will be 1 Bedroom units which are more suitable for investors looking for rental as well as the 3 Bedroom units which are for own stay. The showflats will have many of the fixtures installed that may not come with the unit such as wallpaper as well as chandeliers. However, many fixtures such as air conditioners, wardrobe, kitchen cabinets as well as toilet fittings will come with it. The Hyde Condo will be almost ready to move in after a minor renovation and furnitures are placed in.

    The Hyde Freehold Condo

    A wonderful and unique lifestyle awaits you at The Hyde freehold condo right in the heart of Balmoral Road and Stevens Road. Please see The Hyde site plan and floor plans for more information.