The Woh Hup Group has come a long way since its inception in 1927, from completion of its first major project, to be one of the best players in the real estate industry. Their achievements over the years have been showcased in the entire completed one in town types of projects they have produced. Focus primarily on construction and providing civil engineering specialties, they have a professional workforce of over 2500 individuals. In the construction industry, they are the most significant player in delivering novel solutions. Expanding the Singapore real estate market and producing top of the notch residential and commercial buildings.

Woh Hup Group Company Vision

The company’s vision is to become the best and principal business partner both locally in Singapore and internationally. This vision they hope to achieve through a well thought out mission of regularly and consistently providing excellent products and services.

Integrity, quality, innovation, and growth are just some of their watchword. The Woh Hup Group pays close attention to all projects they are involved in, and their pool of dedicated specialized engineers always work closely with the clients to ensure 100% satisfaction always. Also, before the commencement of any project, be it big or small, the process is carefully thought out to ensure that all critical areas are covered. This planning process is what makes them stand out from every other construction companies as they end up combating any challenges that may arise before it happened.

Woh Hup Group Standards and Quality Excellence

The Woh Hup Group are wholly committed to their set standards that it was no surprise at all when they were awarded the BCA quality excellence award in 2013. That is not all about the awards they have gained for all their work to place Singapore on the world stage. They have been awarded the BCA quality start championship award for their consistency in providing quality projects. The awards mentioned above are just some out of the many that have marked their success and growth through their entire journey.

Woh Hup Charity Works

The Woh Hup Group did not just focus on business alone, they are also involved in charity works, as they believe in giving back to the society that has shaped them and their history. They provide tons of scholarships to students to study in the fields and help them become what they have always dreamt of. They also offer charity funds to support the social integration of the elderly and children from a poor background. These charities are few from the many the group fund annually.

For any clients looking for the best construction company, for their building, there is no better company to call than the Woh Hup Group.