Anglo Chinese School Educational Institution

Relax, sit tight for being about to take you through an innumerable journey of discovering something I would consider the new world wonder on the list that is already existing. This wonder is non-other, but Anglo-Chinese School founded way back in 1886. It’s a non-relenting education center that is a magnanimous world phenomenon. Everything about them is something I know you would cherish and that would make you wish you were a part of them, Park Hill by association or membership or your children studied in it.

Anglo Chinese School Near to The Hyde Condo

I hope you never forgot to sit tight because what am about to unleash regarding this fantastic school might catch you off guard. Looking at the sense of belonging students have concerning their school and pride is more than I would desire if I were a manager of a school myself. The love spread and the kind of graduates that they produce every year is something to be admired. Buckle up the journey is about to start.

Anglo Chinese School Foundation on Teaching

Anglo-Chinese School is an excellent Methodist-founded learning institution that has been in existent for over a century. It was built and established on solid foundations of spiritual values coupled with a tradition of epitomic excellence with a global perspective hence making it a learning institution of choice by many people around the world. It is located in Coleman Street, City-Port Singapore after it moved from No. 70 Amoy Street where it was first established.
The school is an independent learning institution offering two academic tracks and operating under the Ministry of Education and the International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. The school has a distinct kind of vision that is spiritually centered and divided into two segments, one for students between years 1-4 and another one for students in years 5 and 6. These visions are designed to ensure a clear focus on whether local or global for every ACSian Scholar and anchor them to spiritual growth and prepare them for service to God and humanity.

What is unique about Anglo-Chinese School

This school is a family, anchored together with unending love for school, the badge and its blue, red and gold colors, but its heritage, culture and its rich history. In their pledge, you can tell of undying devotion, commitment and sense of ownership that can only be attributed by students love and believe in what the school stands for, what it represents, and they are ready to guard it Hillhaven to the very end. When they leave the school, they go as responsible young adults showing great levels of maturity, competent in their specific fields and with a very admirable spirit that is ready to learn and learn some more. As a parent am sure, there is nothing else you would want or wish for your child but this.

History reminds us of a call for Methodist Reverend William Fitzjames Oldham to go to Southeast Asia and establish his mission there. During that time, there were few schools hence very limited educational opportunities for learners yearning to learn. The reverend had a vision of giving as many children as possible a chance to access quality education and help the young boys wandering in the streets a life that had a meaning and a future. This vision culminated in the founding of Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) on 1 March 1886. Reverend William had a sole mission of nurturing the boys and prepare them to serve God and humanity and one another with lots of humility and love. And his dream lives on. Enroll your child today for a life-transforming opportunity to study with the best and learn from the best.

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