Newton Food Centre in Singapore City Centre

Singapore is famous for its scrumptious cuisine and a rich culture of different kinds of food. One of the most famous eateries and food centers is the Newton Food Centre located in Newton, Singapore.

Newton Food Centre Opened in 1971

Newton Food Centre was opened in 1971 to serve the locals. However, with its growing fame for the sampling of Singaporean cuisine, the center has risen to become a tourist attraction site. Due to this, the government of Singapore decided to renovate the center in 2005 to give it a modern look and increase the number of tourists who would come to the area to sample the delicacies found in Singapore. On 1 July 2006, the food center was opened back to the public after a series of revamping and quality measures to improve it.

Renovations at Newton Food Centre

These renovations led to a number of changes at the food center. The new design reflected the colonial homes which are nearby the center. The colors used in painting the new center are white, black and brown. The center now allows for proper ventilation and a cool effect because of the high ceilings. Large umbrellas have now been installed to protect the patrons from harsh weather conditions like rain and extreme sunshine. Apart from the umbrellas, the food center now has blinds to protect the patrons from the scorching afternoon sunlight. The food center has more than 80 stalls occupied by the previous stall owners who still prepare their local favorite delicacies such as the satay, oyster omelet, popiah and other foods. CCTV installation has improved security in the place. There are also numerous flowers around the food center to bring a plantation-feel to the center and the beauty of nature.

Newton Food Centre Different Food Selection

Even though the renovations were meant for long-term benefits to the food vendors and stall owners, it did not come without a number of complaints. During this time, the place was shifted to Bukit Timah Road which was now an open space market. Since many people were not familiar with the new place, the stall owners had a reduction in their sales. There were also complaints of illegal roadside packing which raised concerns with the police. The customers would complain of being charged for illegal packing yet there were no parking facilities. The police did a good job though to insist that the motorist should use the facility’s parking lot.

Newton Food Centre has been surrounded with numerous scandals ranging from overpricing of the products mostly to foreigners, lack of professionalism and respect by some stall owners and poor quality of food at the food center.

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