Singapore Chinese Girls School Academic Programmes

The Singapore Chinese Girls School (SCGS) education ideology originates from our solid faith in demonstrating an all-encompassing and standard education established on a bedrock of immortal qualities and rich legacy. We are focused on supporting each student to develop her interests and fitness, to accomplish her own best.

The school ethics of Sincerity, Courage, Generosity, and Service link our vision and mission. They have given us a prized legacy of over 100 years and supported numerous remarkable ladies of character and importance who are pioneers in their particular fields.

SCGS creates in students 21st Century abilities to be prepared to flourish in a quickly evolving world. We underline the improvement of students to become:

True Collaborators

Fearless Change Makers

Liberal Contributors

Hireling Leaders

This is done through the three mainstays of our SCGS training: the Talent Development Program, Character and Leadership Excellence Program and Living and Lifeskills Program.

Ability Development Program Singapore Chinese Girls School

In view of Renzulli’s Schoolwide Enrichment Framework, the SCGS Talent Program furnishes students with the aptitudes to process, orchestrate and make information in the 21st century. By giving scholastic thoroughness and enabling students to encounter an extensive variety of learning experiences, they are tested and motivated to accomplish their fullest potential.

Gone for giving scholastic broadness and profundity, the SCGS Talent Program has the following highlights, gathered from the accepted procedures in educational modules improvement:

A mixture of character advancement and social-passionate learning into scholastic subjects to support social duty, moral judgment and a positive and develop self-idea.

Idea instructing for a persevering comprehension of orders utilizing the Understanding by Design Framework to guarantee scholarly meticulousness, basic examination, and mind-boggling and dynamic reasoning.

Significant genuine application to contemporary issues for profound learning and credible experience.

A constructivist way to deal with the request, learning creation and critical thinking.

Individual premium driven learning pathways for self-strengthening.

Separated and responsive direction as indicated by students’ interests, availability and learning styles.


The unavoidable Character and Leadership Excellence Program energizes entire school interest and commitment that creates in students an energy for character magnificence. motivated students not just want to put forth a concentrated effort to benefit; they are also resolved to affect people around them to have any kind of effect in their own ranges of authority.

In SCGS, each student is supported to be a quality world-prepared Jinyu pioneer through our comprehensive and differentiated approach that spirals the advancement of intra, relational and initiative aptitudes and dispositions in our all-encompassing 10-year instruction.

The Character and Leadership Excellence Program are sorted out along three tracks:

General Schoolwide Program, where the accentuation is on character shaping and entry-level directorate advancement through various stages

Rising Leaders Track, where the accentuation is on giving further authority openings and preparing

Quickened Leaders Track, where students with extraordinary authority competency experience mentorship and testing assignments to sharpen their administration abilities to affect the school network and past.

LIVING AND LIFE SKILLS Singapore Chinese Girls School Program

This third mainstay of the SCGS encounter looks to develop the particular Kim Gek through the Esthetics and Healthy Living. It sustains abilities which will empower each SCGS young lady to have a balanced life, assuming a crucial part in individual and expert achievement. It creates in students solid social and social knowledge and delicate abilities, for example, social graces, correspondence, and appropriateness.

The Arts is a basic piece of an SCGS student’s training. students are routinely presented to the performing stage during their time in SCGS, certainly and articulately displaying the aptitudes they have learned, be it in Dance, Music, Art or Drama.

The Healthy Living fragment of the program supplements the Physical Education and Home Economics exercises to elevate a lifetime promise to sound and dynamic living.



In SCGS, we trust that the quest for expressions of the human experience is crucial to one’s all-encompassing improvement. Our projects are focused on the conviction that everybody can convey what needs be through human expressions. By supporting fundamental masterful abilities that empower our students to do as such, we fabricate an establishment for the deeply rooted valuation for expressions of the human experience.


Through our expansive based expressions training program, we plan to build up students’ discernment, perception, and listening abilities, empowering them to discuss inventively with others through visual, melodic proficiency, and development. We put an accentuation on presenting our students to an extensive variety of aesthetic medium composes, styles, and structures in an assortment of social settings.

Other than our advanced lower optional Art and Music programs, students gifted in these fields may likewise seek after Art or Music at the O-Levels.

General Admission Procedures


Students who have sat the PSLE are posted into schools in December. This depends on both legitimacy and the decision of Secondary School made by the individual students. Subsequent to posting, students who have not been posted at the school may still appeal directly to the school for consideration.

In any case, you should meet the cut-off point in the posting exercise before your allure will be considered.

Our central goal is to motivate and build up each student to satisfy her fullest potential, as indicated by her individual pace and desires, in order to set up her for significant parts of the community.

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